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We utilize the optimal business environment of the Principality of Liechtenstein that allows us to act in Switzerland as well as the EEA (EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). Liechtenstein is the ideal location particularly for commercial enterprises and fintech (financial services technology) businesses. In recent years we have expedited a variety of investments and business formations in addition to having supported the financial recovery of a bank as well as the restructuring of an international commercial enterprise.

affinity was launched as a consultancy and affiliate network in 2008 and has since developed into a group that is active on an international scale. On the basis of our cumulative experience, we have focused on a variety of special situations of enterprises, that is, two areas.



Within start-ups, we focus on business formations and investments in businesses in the early stages in order to contribute our know-how in structuring, financing and growth management in addition to funds. Our experience in the gradual establishment of scalable business models is the foundation of this business unit.

Turn around

Turn around

No business is invulnerable to a crisis, regardless of the team's good efforts or the superb product. Internal or external factors can lead to an imbalance, which can only be coped and resolved with in-depth expertise in connection with restructuring processes. The affinity team provides management resources along with a network of experts and investors, who structure the often stressful and complex situations and implement the necessary measures.


affinity, advises, guides and invests only in businesses with realistic opportunities to operate successfully on the market as well as generate sustainable growth.  At the same time, we rely on our expertise in the areas fintech and trade, and focus on these areas. We have to love what we do, that is, have a strong affinity for the product, the clients and the team are prerequisites for our commitment, regardless of this applies to personnel or financial resources.
Lastly, we represent highly ethical and moral principals, which we don’t only value and adhere to within our team, but also and foremost in the scope of business. We communicate with partners, investors and staff in an open and transparent manner and are therefore able to create the important culture of trust.


Our Team


Philipp Nachbaur M.A.


Philipp received his Master’s degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn and subsequently worked at Hypo Equity in the investment management of shareholdings. After the successful sale of Alma, he founded the affinity invest ag and has primarily specialized in distance sales, that is sales via internet and television. He is the managing director of Mediashop AG and contributes his expertise in the division distance sales and trade.

affinity team 2

Christoph Böckle, M.B.A.


Christoph studied at the University of Liechtenstein and has completed his Master’s degree in Banking and Finance. Christoph has been working in the banking and financial sector for over 15 years and has held a variety of positions in different financial institutions. Over the last five years he has managed one of the most innovative German banks as a member of the board of directors. Christoph applies his expertise predominantly in the fintech division.


Manuel Hehle, MA


Manuel received his Master’s degree in Marketing & Sales from the University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn while he worked as a corporate and business customer consultant in a austrian bank. In the last 12 years he worked in different areas in the financial services industry. In his role as a business developer, his portfolio companies profit from his financial and marketing experience and knowledge.

We also cooperate with a variety of freelancers and network partners, for instance net m privatbank 1891 ag, cfp equity ag, conetal treuhand ag, among others.

"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art."


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From our Blog


fine trade mit der Marke lov!it erfolgreich

Seit Mitte des Jahres 2012 agiert die fine trade gmbh mit der Marke lov!it – www.loviit.com. Dieser Schritt ist vor dem Hintergrund der voranschreitenden Internationalisierung sehr wichtig und zeigt auch die nachhaltig verfolgte Strategie Endkunden anzusprechen auf. Mehr Infos unter www.loviit.com

die Beteiligungsgesellschaft three little birds AG entwickelt sich ausgezeichnet

Die Beteiligungsgesellschaft three little birds AG, die nach einem Lied von Bob Marley benannt ist, welches von positivem Denken handelt, was auch in der three little birds AG gelebt wird, entwickelt sich im dritten Jahr Ihres Bestehens dynamisch. Während das erste Investment bereits im ersten Jahr die Millionenumsatzgrenze durchschritten hat, sind zwei weitere interessante Investitionsmöglichkeiten evaluiert worden und bereits in Umsetzung. In der Zwischenzeit ist auch die Homepage: http://www.threelittlebirds-ag.com/ online, welche in den nächsten Monaten um weitere Informationen ergänzt wird.

affinity_logo_soloklw zone

We offer our business partners, investment management companies as well as start-ups a coworking zone in our Liechtenstein office. 10 work spaces incl. internet (WLAN and LAN) as well as printing facilities (A4, A3, b/w, chromatic) are available. Additionally, a large meeting room, a pleasant reception area with a bar and kitchen are at your disposal. The building in Ruggell also offers a child care center, a restaurant, a gym as well as an event location for approx. 200 people.



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